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Comprehensive Commitment Accurate Timely Execution

Why PIR?
We provide professional consulting services to help support your accounting, finance, treasury, forensic, risk mitigation and litigation support needs. We bring large public accounting firm experience, without the overhead.

Consulting Services
Clients gain access to our more than 18 years of professional services diverse experience. Whether it’s managing the close, budget preparation, reporting, audit prep, system selection and implementation or supplementing your CFO and treasury needs, PIR can help.

What We Do for Our Clients
Accounting and Finance Interim and supplemental support.

CFO, Controller and Treasury Large company resources on a part time basis.

Risk Management, Forensic, Expert Witness and Litigation Support Independent reviews designed to support risk management, breach and fraud detection and litigation. Specialized expertise on-demand.

Where do I start?
Contact us today. A client specific solution will be recommended to gain full management support and shorten the path to success. Click here to request more information on our products and services.