US: 626.483.7424
Comprehensive Commitment Accurate Timely Execution

Why PIR?
PIR uses its proprietary models to comprehensively evaluate MBS product, from deal structure and construction, to detailed analysis of underlying assets. We provide investors with business intelligence to enable actionable recovery and mitigate losses.

Risk Free Service Trial
Clients gain access to our Forensic Securitization Review services on a risk free basis. If no breaches are detected, there are no costs to our clients.

What We Do for Our Clients
Trustees and Investment Committees Independent third party evaluation of MBS portfolios.

Portfolio Managers/ Research Analysts Independent evaluation of new potential MBS investments.
Collateral and PMI loss tracking services for existing portfolios.

MBS Loss Mitigation and Recovery Loss mitigation prioritization and investor networking.
Forensic securitization review, loan review and expert witness services.

PIR identifies breaching loans to remove them from the securitization. Clients benefit from mitigation of losses and acceleration of prepays.

Where do I start?
Our platform provides clients multiple starting points. A client specific solution will be recommended to gain full management support and shorten the path to success. Click here to request more information on our products and services.