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PIR Forensic Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Training

Our Training Philosophy

One of the greatest contributing factors for the existence of and continued resurfacing of fraud is the lack of quality training for professionals. Our forensic training provides ongoing CPE courses based on real life fraud and contractual breach reviews. Billions of dollars in fraud and contract breaches have been discovered. These review courses are designed to:

1. Provide a method for professionals to identify risks which can be present.
2. Look for opportunities and upside value as a result of litigation and enforcement, which may not have previously been contemplated.
3. Identify in-house improper risk taking which seek short term profits, while taking on long term institutional risk.

Current Courses

Current forensic courses include:


Linkedin connections and current PIR clients receive CPE training discounts. Email us at to request your discount code for $10 to $20 off courses.

Future Courses From PIR

Future courses are under development. With over $40 billion in fraud and contract breaches discovered to date, additional courses will be added over the next year.

Future Courses from You as a Partner

Have an idea for a course or do you have a course you’d like to add as a partner to our site, contact us at While most partners operate off of an 80/20 split on revenues (80% for them and 20% for the author), we operate off of a 50/50 after expenses split with our course contributors. Our strategy is simple; pay contributors for industry leading content and incent them to develop and contribute in a manner others don’t. Let’s raise the bar in training to help meet and exceed our training philosophy for professionals.